Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Once again, something has been weighing on my mind. Me and my friends often joke about how my friends group is almost entirely populated by homosexuals. (said in the Bourgeoisie voice) I have been present for more than fifteen coming out speeches. I hang out almost exclusively with gay men. Needless to say, I am almost too comfortable with some of the aspects of gay culture.

So these debates going on right now hit me straight in the core. Because for me it isn't the rights of some far-flung majority. They are the rights of all my friends. I can't really talk about this topic without getting extremely riled, but I get very angry when I see things that are very rude in my news feed.

I don't care what you think on the topic. I really don't. You can post whatever you want. What riles me is when people complain about the ruckus that the gay rights movement is making because it is annoying. 
Because their Facebook experience is being soiled. Who call the whole thing ridiculous.

To those people, you have lost all respect. How can you call the concerns of people on both sides ridiculous? This may be the defining moment of civil rights in my lifetime. And I want my voice to be heard. I'm sorry if that is annoying to you, but honestly, I couldn't give less of a damn. So yes, I will litter your news feed, I will change my profile picture, and I will do everything I can to support the people I love:

Just to make it perfectly clear, I am a straight ally, actively campaigning for gay rights. I think it is morally wrong to deny people the rights so clearly available to everyone else.

I realize it is easier not to care. That is easier to sit on a pedestal and pretend you're above all this. But frankly, I have never respected apathy.



  1. Well, dear, on the one hand, being supportive is lovely.
    On the other hand, changing your picture effectively changes nothing in the government. Your political representatives do not care how many facebook fights you get into. So. In that aspect, I can see how people find it annoying- and as someone representing our country abroad, I typically find political facebook posts to be frustrating more than anything else: it is hard to defend your country to your host nation when those living at home can't stop whining about the US, about the president, about each other- because again, whining changes NOTHING. Raising awareness, particularly from an nonobjective stand point, is awesome and something I encourage everyone to do. Making trouble is not.
    However, in this case I do think this is a matter of standing in emotional solidarity with those I love. If changing a picture online will make you feel supported in your personal quest for happiness, of course I'll do it.
    But more importantly, when the time comes I'm going to vote. Because that is the one thing that will actually make a difference.

  2. Also freedom of speech is awesome and that's why you can say and do whatever you want. Yay America!
    Just remember to actually DO stuff about it, too.

  3. Thanks Kristen. I appreciate what you've put on Facebook. Some of us have been alone and afraid for a good portion of our LIVES. Support, after so many years without it, is wonderful. Support based on understanding is even better. It's too bad that people think hearing about my chance for a better future is annoying. Each time I hear about it, especially from a straight ally, means more to me than I can say. It's proof that people can grasp more than just what they've dealt with themselves. It means hope for me and people like me. It matters. Thanks again. :)